Home remedies for sinus during pregnancy?

Sinus infections are common during pregnancy and pregnant women are three times more likely to suffer from a sinus problem than otherwise. A simple yet effective and safe method that works for pregnant as well as others is the use of steam inhalation. For severe infections use a teapot or any kind of wide brimmed pot or pan. The wide brim will help emanate the vapor effectively. Fill the pan with water and let the water reach a little below the surface of the container. Place the pan over low heat and wait till the water starts to boil. Place your face over the pan where the vapor begins to rise. This will help t clear blocked nasa passages and also work as a humidifier to open the sinus passage. In a while you will notice clearing of your nostrils and also a lighter feeling as your sinuses open up. Do this steam inhalation twice a day to get relief from the cold.

A fresh concoction of lemonade with hot water is also an ideal fluid to be had during a sinus infection. Make lemonade from fresh lemons the way you usually do but do not add cold water. Instead use hot water and sip this hot lemonade as often as you can during the day. Taking small sips of this hot and soothing liquid has the capacity to protect you from fever or advanced cold thanks to the vitamin C in the lemons that has the property to ward off colds and fevers.

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