I'm sure I have worms. I had a stool test which showed negative. I have taken Combantrim multiple times. I sleep restlessly, have constipation and am continuously tired and lethargic and have passed white thread like worms from the anus. What else can I d

If you do have parasites in your intestine, and you are saying you can actually see them, you should probably consult with your health care provider until you get a diagnosis. Various tests are conducted to identify the particular parasite and your doctor may be able to give you a prescription to treat that specific organism.

In any case, I am listing some supplements that have been used with some degree of efficacy for intestinal parasites.

  • Goldenseal: An ingredient in Goldenseal called berberine is said to be effective in dealing with Entamoea histolytica, plasmodium and beaver fever (Giardia Lamblia)
  • Garlic: Said to be useful for roundworm, beaver fever and Leishmania
  • Wormwood: Contains a class of substances called sesquiterpene lactones which are said to weaken parasites. Said towork against Plasmodium, beaver fever and Ascaris lumbricoes
  • Pumpkin seeds: A traditional remedy for parasites and among the best known. It is recommended that the seeds be consumed in large quantities. They may be pounded into a powder and taken with a juice. One may use an enema after this to help cleanse the colon.
  • Grapefood seed extract: Has antimicrobial and anti yeast properties. May be helpful with parasites as well.

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