What to do with infants constipation?

If the stool being passed is soft or watery, your child may not be constipated. Bowel movement may not occur every day in babies and they might seem to grunt and strain because their abdominal muscles are not yet as strong as adults' are. Exclusively breastfed babies don't suffer from constipation too often, but formula fed babies may develop constipation, especially if they have been sick or have been travelling or have been exposed to any other kind of change or stress. If your baby is already taking solid foods, try and give him/her foods with some fibre.

Here are some natural remedies for infants' constipation:
  • Administer a glycerine suppository. This works by stimulating the rectal muscles and by lubricating the area and making it easier to pass stools.
  • Try sticking a thermometer coated with petroleum jelly to induce motions. Don't insert it any further than an inch and a half however.
  • Prune juice or pureed prunes are also said to be good for constipation.

For formula fed babies who have chronic constipation, you may want to consult with a paediatrician about whether your baby is reacting to something in the formula. Lactose intolerance can also cause constipation in some cases.

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