My husband has severe itching which doctor's say is due to sun poisoning. He was prescribed a malaria drug and several creams. Suggest some home remedies.

Sunburn is from over-exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The skin damage is often permanent and can have serious long-term health effects. Sun poisoning is also known as Photodermatitis, sunburn / sun allergy. It affects people with light-skin. (They have less protective skin pigment).

  1. Add 20 drops lavender and chamomile essential oil for a cool and soothing bath.
  2. Make a mixture of grated cucumber with milk and apply it on the skin.
  3. Rub bruised onions on sun burn to provide the ample relief.
  4. Keep your body hydrated by drinking good amount of water.
  5. Applying aloe vera juice or gel as it helps in soothing the skin to reduce pain, redness and itchiness.
  6. A warm shower works, as it increases the blood circulation.
  7. Apply calamine lotion.
  8. Avoid sun when it's at the peak i.e. between 10 to 2 pm.

Apart from the remedies listed above also make it a point to always use sunscreen when venturing out. You must have heard this recommendation a million times before, but it really does work, and given your husband’s condition it is a necessity. When choosing a sunscreen make sure that it has an SPF of at least fifteen. It would also be a good idea to get sun protective clothing, or at least dress appropriately, covering as much skin as possible.

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