How do you get the blisters to go away with natural remedies if you have sun poisoning?

Blisters caused due to sun poisoning are every tricky to treat. It is important for you to first get yourself examined by a doctor in order to determine that they are not infectious. If they are, you would need to follow a course of antibiotics without any further delay. This is because sun poisoning can lead to all kinds of skin infections which may fester and grow. It is also important for you to know that if you have had sun poisoning once in life, you automatically become more prone to skin cancer. This makes it doubly essential for you to not neglect yourself in this regard. Also, you must make it a point to not expose your skin directly to the sun without applying sunscreen to it. Make this a rule, rather than an occasional habit. For the blisters you describe, if they are not septic in nature, you can start with applying a paste made of rose water and turmeric powder. This will not only disinfect the blisters and stop them from spreading; it will also help with healing the burn. Make a mix of one part organic vinegar and three parts water and apply this to the blisters. This will sanitize them and will also ensure that they are being treated at the same time.

Another excellent remedy to take care of blisters is to soak in a tub to which you have added chilled tea bags and a cup of hydrogen peroxide. This will have an anti-oxidant effect and will also help to heal and sanitize simultaneously. After a bath, remember to use an extremely soft towel, otherwise your blisters will only get aggravated. If possible, dry off without using a towel. You can just stand in the middle of a room and stay still for about 10 minutes - this should do the trick.

answered by G M

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