What is good for mouth sores on tongue?

Mouth sores have a number of reasons to show up anywhere on the tongue or on the walls of the mouth. Smoking is one reason. The smoke and the tobacco rupture and burn the delicate tissues of the mouth and tongue. Intake of food or beverages that are piping hot is another. Anything hot and not at a temperature that the tissues can withstand is bound to cause sores that look like ulcers.

A favorite remedy is the gargle: mix salt with warm to lukewarm water and gargle as often as you can. Here, salt acts as a germicide and prevents further infection. You can also apply ice to the sores periodically. The pain subsides owing to ice and relief is instantaneous. Also, make it a point to minimize or eliminate spice and salt from your lunches and dinners, as this will help to contain the damage. Keep citrus foods too on the to-avoid list.

Do get your teeth examined by a dentist though. Check your braces if you use them. Rotten teeth and braces are also one of the usual suspects for mouth sores. Mouth sores can also indicate the onset of a serious complication such as a tumor, cancer, or HIV. If the sores will not go after prolonged treatment, it's time to get a medical check-up.

answered by G R

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