Plantar wart alternative cures

A plantar wart is basically a viral infection on the sole of the foot, caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). These warts are usually quite harmless and do not require treatment, as they usually take their own course and heal as the body fights the viral infection on its own. However, it is always good to take some measures to prevent the virus from spreading (both to other people and to other areas of your skin), and to hasten the healing process.

The most common home remedy for plantar warts is apple cider vinegar. You can apply a little vinegar to the wart, or better still, soak your feet in a solution of vinegar and water. This will not only treat the wart, but prevent infections from developing on other parts of your feet where the virus might have spread, but not yet caused an infection. In addition, salicylic acid, which is available over the counter by itself or as an ingredient in skin products such as creams and gels, helps the wart heal quickly. Avoid touching the wart except when applying these treatments, and avoid sharing shoes and socks or walking barefoot in places where other people will also walk.

If the wart is particularly painful or refuses to go away, you will finally need to visit a doctor.

answered by M W

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