Getting rid of callus build up after removal of plantar wart

Plantar warts are typically formed on the plantar surface of the feet, from where they derive their name. They are white in color and are hard, small growths which are a result of some viral infection. Though these warts are not painful, they are extremely sensitive to pressure. Due to their location, they can cause of lot of pain in movement. Most people who get plantar warts on their skin have to use a minor surgical procedure to remove them.

While the removal of plantar warts can give temporary respite from them, they may keep appearing in the form of calluses even after they are removed from the feet. A callus is a thickened area on the foot where the tissue build up has caused the skin to become extremely hard. Calluses are usually formed due to excessive pressure on the skin or because a bony part of the foot keeps rubbing along a hard surface, like a shoe.

Calluses are not only painful, but also make your feet look unsightly. Getting rid of calluses is extremely important since they can cause pain during walking. Here’s what you can do for removing calluses:

  • To avoid forming or aggravating calluses, buy and wear sturdy shoes which are of a comfortable size. It is best to buy your shoes when your feet are relaxed, so that when you try them on, you can find out if the shoe is fitting perfectly or is too tight. Also keep in mind, that if you follow a hectic schedule, by the end of the day, the feet tend to become a little swollen. When buying new shoes, always make sure to buy those which leave a little extra room for your feet to expand when they are swollen.
  • Get a foot callus treatment from a spa. Most spas and beauty centers have a range of foot treatments. They soak your feet in soapy water and use scrubs and stones to remove any calluses and dead skin on the feet. They will also massage your feet with lotions and creams, which helps in getting rid of calluses and also allowing more blood flow to your feet and the softening the skin.
  • When getting rid of calluses keep your feet dry. Always wear socks along with your shoes so that your feet do not rub against the shoe and chafe. To allow your feet to breathe, always wear socks made of natural materials. Cotton socks are the best because they absorb moisture and give breathing space to your feet.

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Health Advice for Callus

Plantar warts are whitish, hard, small growths that are caused by a viral infection on the plantar surface of the foot. These warts are very sensitive to pressure and once removed they keep on occurring in the form of callus. Callus is a thickened and hard build up of skin that is caused due to excessive pressure or rubbing on a bony prominence.

There are many home remedies for callus. You can try some of the following most effective and useful cures for callus:

  • At the end of the day, your feet become a bit swollen because of hectic schedule. So, make sure that you buy your shoes when your feet are largest.
  • Wear shoes that are properly fitted comfortable.
  • While wearing shoes, your toes should wiggle freely.
  • Avoid any kind of high heels or pointed shoes.
  • Always keep your feet dry and don't allow them to rub against your shoes.
  • Avoid wearing socks made of fibers that restrict breathing.
  • Rub away the common skin build up areas on the feet before they actually turn into callus.
  • You can even use pumice stone to peel off the dead skin.
  • A foot plaster can also be used to remove the top layer of the skin.
  • Avoid cutting or burning your callus.
  • Moisturizers and lotions can also help to dry callus.

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