How to clear mucus from the voice?

First we need to figure out what exactly causes the mucus? If your mucus is present at most times, then, besides avoiding anything that causes cold (cold drinks, cold baths), mucus can be controlled by sticking to the right diet.

Avoid all foods that you are already intolerant to. In addition to that, avoid yeast and excess salt. This increases the amount of mucus. Cheese and yoghurt too tend to increase the mucus in our bodies. Finally, refined sugars and flours are also a source of extra mucus formation. Avoid them too.

Do not overeat and do not eat late at nights. Ginger and lemon taken in small amounts before meals will greatly help clear your throat. Go easy on greasy, oily, fatty foods.

Mucus can also be caused by an infection. Mucus is naturally present in our bodies. It's normally clear and colourless. However, it is when the mucus gets infected that it gets a colour. In case your infection is bacterial, a good dose of antibiotics should show good results. In the case of a viral infection, the antibiotics will not be pf any use whatsoever. A viral infection is best treated with loads of rest and patience.

Please consult a general practitioner in case the mucus stays even after this treatment.

answered by M W

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