Natural Treatment For Stye On Corner Of Eyelid

A stye is a small and painful infection of the sebaceous glands that are located at the bottom of the eyelashes. Styes are usually caused by a bacterial infection and are very common in infants but occur regularly with adults as well. They can also be caused by bad nutritional habits and stress. The most common symptoms of a stye are redness and swelling of the eye. Other symptoms include constant watering of the eye, a pus filled abscess, and pain and itching in the affected eye.

A stye will usually subside by itself but there are a number of simple home remedies for treating styes. You can use a hot compress on the affected eye to soothe the swelling. You can also simply pull out the eyelash but this method is not recommended unless it is being performed by a trained medical practitioner. If you are woman, you should avoid using any kind of eye makeup while you have a stye. You should also ensure that you remove all traces of makeup every evening to prevent any recurrences of a stye.

Soak some cotton pads in mild chamomile tea and then place these pads on the affected eye. You can also use salt water as an eye wash to treat the stye. Place salt water solution inside an eye dropper and then put it into the affected eye approximately every thirty minutes.

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