I have a chronic prostatitis from 4 months and I am tired & sick from it, please tell what are the home remedies for prostatitis.

In order to take care of chronic prostatitis, you would need to follow a slew of simple rules to live by. The very first thing to do is increase your water intake considerably. You must drink at least about 10 liters of water everyday in order for you to improve functioning of your prostate gland. This will also make you urinate more frequently, but that is a positive step in moving towards a healthier prostate. You must completely cut out alcohol, caffeine and all caffeine-related products from your system. This will go a long way towards a generally healthier life. You must also stay off spicy food for some time, at least till your condition improves.

It is essential to have regular sexual activity for your prostate gland to function normally. If you cannot do this, make certain you ejaculate frequently to make up for the lack of sexual activity. This will prevent your prostate from becoming slow and sluggish in the care and manufacture of semen. Some foods you can include in your diet are bananas, tomatoes and sesame seeds. All of these are believed to help you go a long way towards a healthy prostate. Tomatoes, especially, contain lycopene, which is now considered an essential ingredient in maintaining a healthy prostate gland.

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