Natural Cure For Swollen Feet: Swelling feet.

You feet could be swelling due to bad footwear and lack of any ventilation in the shoes. If your job entails being on your feet for long hours, this could explain the swelling in your feet. You need to buy yourself some shoes that fit you well and don't pinch your feet.Always buy shoes in the afternoon. Try to allow your feet time to breathe by taking off your shoes and socks for some time each day.

Swollen feet can be treated to a cold water bath. Immerse your feet in cold water for half an hour.

Another possible reason for the swelling in your feet could be water retention. You should sit with your feet raised. Place your feet on a table that is higher than the rest of the body. Warm a tablespoon of mustard oil and massage this on your feet. You can also soak a spoonful of mustard seeds in some water and use this on your feet. An application of apple cider vinegar also helps the swelling in your feet to reduce. You should also make some changes in your diet by cutting down on salt. Eat food that has very little salt content. You should also cut down on your carbohydrate intake.

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