What Could Cause Swelling In Ankles, Calfs And Feet?

The reason you might have swelling on your calf muscle is possibly due to a nerve related muscle problem. This generally starts from the spinal nerve root in the lower back and maybe caused due to overstrain due to physical activity or improper foot wear. The best way to get rid of the swelling is to stimulate the flow of blood in that area by massaging your calf. Sometimes the swelling is also caused when the nerves or muscle tissue in the calf area become aggravated, which lead to the rupturing or tearing of blood vessels and capillaries and the blood begins to leak. In order to start the healing process more blood rushes to the site and as the blood fills up faster that it can be removed a swelling starts to occur.

The reasons that your ankle is probably swollen are about the same as why your calf is swollen and making the use of right footwear is the most effective remedy that you can try. You can also use an ice pack method. Start by lifting your ankle so that it is directly in front of you .Take an ice pack or ice in a small towel and then gently apply it to your ankle for sometime. It is important that you consider visiting your doctor for further advice on how to prevent the swelling and get a diagnosis of why the swelling occurs and what exactly is causing it.

answered by G R

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