How to Reduce Waist Size Naturally?

It has been commonly observed that fat deposits accumulate around the waist and cause an unseemly increase in waist size. In order to solve this problem, you should eat a well balanced diet and exercise on a daily basis. Eating the right food is crucial to maintaining a fit body. You should consume lots of whole grains and sprouts, fresh fruits and raw vegetables. These are rich natural sources of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as of natural fibers that increase the metabolic rate. Eating several small meals at regular intervals throughout the day is preferable to having just a couple of very large meals, as the former ensures that you do not feel excessively hungry at any point of time and thereby restricts the tendency to overeat. Make it a point never to skip a meal and eat at fixed timings. Never eat in a hurry and chew every morsel of food very well before swallowing. This ensures that you eat only as much as your body requires. Restrict your intake of fatty and deep-fried foodstuff as these are chiefly responsible for adding to your daily calorie intake and leading to the deposit of fat tissues in the body. You should also stay away from processed foods, refined flour, cakes and pastries, chocolate, red meats, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Also, drink a glass of water half an hour before and after having a meal, as this aids proper digestion and improves metabolism.

In addition to a healthy diet, you should also maintain a regular exercise regime. Cardiovascular exercises or vigorous aerobic activities are best suited to burn away excess fat in the body and reducing waist size. Jogging and swimming are also recommended as they tone up the muscles of the abdomen, waist, hips and legs. Sit-ups and crunches are also very effective in getting rid of those extra inches around the waist. However, these exercises first show their results on the midsection of the trunk and only then do they slim down the waist. Moreover, you should take care not to go overboard with exercising all of a sudden, as this might hurt your muscles and ligaments. Increase the intensity and the duration of the particular form of exercise that you are following gradually, over a few week's time. You should ideally begin with short brisk walks or jogging and move on to more intensive and focused forms of exercise to lose body weight.

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In order to make your waist size smaller, you need to focus on two main issues: eating right and exercising.

It is very important to eat meals that are both healthy and low in calories. You should have at least six meals throughout the day and these meals should be taken in regular intervals. Eating every few hours not only prevents hunger pangs but also provides us with consistent energy and maintains our metabolism efficiency. Try not to skip your meals. You should also increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These can be consumed in plenty without having to worry about gaining weight. Foods rich in Fiber should also be made an integral part of your diet. These help in increasing our metabolic rate and make us feel fuller, ensuring a decrease in appetite. Cutting down on your sugar intake is also very essential. Fats should not be totally eliminated from your diet, as a certain percentage of it is necessary to maintain a healthy body. Following crazy or hunger driven diet plans will deprive you of required protein, carbs or good fat.

Exercising regularly is also very important when it comes to reducing your waist size. The best exercises for losing inches from our waist are cardio vascular exercises or any form of high intensity aerobic activity. The simplest and most common exercise to help tone the muscles around the waist are walking and running. These activities exercise the waist, hips and thighs. Run about a mile a day at least thrice a week. This will promote fat-burning throughout the body and muscles thereby toning your legs and mid-section. If you are used to a sedentary lifestyle make sure that you start off with only a few stretching exercises and a short walk. This will ensure that you do not suffer from muscle pulls or tears. Crunches and sit-ups also help in reducing inches from our waist. These are simple to perform and do not require any equipment. You just have to make sure you do them right – do not try to make it easier by using your arms to lift yourself as this can strain your neck. Lift yourself using your abdominal muscles and stop when you can no longer maintain a good form. As you perform these exercises regularly, you will burn fat throughout the body, and the muscles in your midsection will become more toned, giving you a smaller and better-looking midsection. If you regularly combine effective calorie-burning exercises, abdominal workouts and a healthy diet, you will definitely take inches off your waist.

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Always focus on whole body weight loss, as you lose weight overall you would also lose weight on your waist automatically. A combination of diet and exercise should be followed, as any one aspect would not give you satisfactory results. Large waist size is a result of sedentary lifestyle and dietary changes. The following tips would be helpful to lose weight especially from your waist -

  • Firstly avoid eating refined flour and its products. This is the main cause for a large tummy along with sedentary lifestyle.
  • Also avoid carbonated drinks, sweets, cakes, chocolates, fried oily preparations, canned, processed foods, junk foods and packed foods.
  • Emphasize on whole cereals and its product, pulses, sprouts, skim milk and skim milk products. Have lean meat, fish, de skinned chicken, eggs in moderation and completely avoid organ meats.
  • Eat at least 8-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables out of which 1 serving should be of dark green leafy vegetable.
  • Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal and avoid drinking water for 30 minutes after a meal.
  • Exercise is very important along with a balanced meal to lose weight. Perform exercises especially like crunches to reduce weight on your waist.

answered by S P

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