Foods to Boost Memory

by Sam Malone

It is not rare to find yourself trying hard to remember something. People often suffer from the inability to concentrate and may even find their minds wandering even after trying hard to focus on an object. A mental fog may often eclipse a person's real ability to process thoughts and memories, rendering both physical action and the recounting of memories difficult.

Mental slip ups are a normal part of ageing. However, mental acuity and sharpness, if not maintained over a period of time, can ultimately cause problems in overall health. Our ability to think and act on our thoughts depends largely on our mental build up. A lack of nutrition often stifles mental growth and is a cause of memory loss. In fact, a lack of nutrients can affect the overall cognitive functioning of the brain. There are many different foods which can help improve mental acuity and functioning. These foods have specific nutrients that trigger various chemicals in the brain and help massage the neurons in our brain. Phytochemicals like anthocyanins, which give color to fruits and vegetables, are also important for the development and the healthy functioning of the brain. Blueberries, for instance, have many wonderful effects on the brains. In many scientific researches carried out on different mammals, it has been seen that anthocyanin is present in abundance in blue berries. There are many other phytochemicals that are present in these small fruits.

There is perhaps no fruit which is considered as healthy as an apple. An old adage states that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While this may not be true in its complete sense, apples do contain a large amount of an anti oxidant known as quercetin. This is a chemical which protects the brain against damaging diseases like Alzheimer's. This chemical is found in the apple's skin and therefore peeled apples are not as healthy as the unpeeled ones. Spinach, famous for being a good source of iron, also contains chemicals and nutrients which can help reverse memory loss. Spinach is high in both iron and folic acid. Iron increases the amount of oxygen available in the blood while folic acid fights against age induced memory loss.

Food items like onions, broccoli, grapes, red beets, eggplant, cherries and rosemary are all rich in both quercetin and anthocyanin quantities. In general consuming a diet with differently colored foods can help you take care of your brain functioning for a longer period of time.

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