Natural Immune Boosters

Please give me a list of foods that would boost white blood cell count, especially during chemo.

In order to boost white blood cell count, there is no specific food that needs to be taken. Instead, it would be better to focus on food that will help towards improving your general immunity levels. This can include a large number of things and once your immunity improves, you will find that your white blood cell count will automatically rise. For those who are taking chemotherapy for whatever reason, it would also be better to wait for a while before expecting any positive changes. Please do keep in mind that changes are slow and steady, and while they may not always appear to be there, they could possibly be working somewhere and not showing up. It is in rare cases, where immunity boosters do not help a cause. In order to work best with whatever is given to you, you would be better off taking herbs and supplements in pill form, as opposed to in their raw and natural form. The simple reason for this is that when taken in pill form, they are more concentrated and contain the main and central extract of whatever the herb is. One of the things that would help to improve immunity best of all is Echinacea. Also known as the plant of immunity worldwide, it is an excellent tonic that will help your body fight back almost anything. It is also known to increase white blood cell count in a lot of cases. This herb has been used all over the world for centuries and it could work wonders if it is taken for a minimum period of eight weeks. It is also quite easily available in pill form, and it is also a quite affordable solution.

Another thing that helps to boost immunity significantly is Indian Gooseberry. Also available in pill or powder form, this can help significantly in increasing the count of white blood cells. If possible, try and get this fruit fresh. It is extremely sour in taste, as it is rich in vitamin C, but this does not necessarily mean it is unpalatable. Please do note that before you try any of these products, it would be advisable to consult with your general physician or health care provider. It is entirely possible that while taking chemotherapy, you may end up with some allergic or otherwise unsuitable reactions to these things. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they should not interfere with your chemotherapy in any way.

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