The 3 Most Effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

by Sharon Hopkins

dandruff is one of the most commonly experienced problems relating to the hair and scalp. Probably every single one of us has experienced a dandruff problem at least once in our lives. While the problem is rarely physically painful, dangerous, or even uncomfortable, it does cause a great deal of social discomfort to most people. Releasing a shower of dandruff every time you run your hands through your hair can be extremely embarrassing, especially in situations when you need to make a good impression. Fortunately, dandruff can usually be treated quite easily, and there is no need for you to suffer endlessly. The anti dandruff shampoos that are available today are highly effective in a majority of cases, as long as they are used diligently and consistently.

First, of course, it is always advisable to simply ensure a more thorough wash with your regular shampoo. Shampoo your hair more regularly, and make it a point to not only use an adequate amount of shampoo, but to lather the shampoo thoroughly. Work the shampoo into your hair and scalp with your fingertips. This will help loosen and get rid of the dead skin that would otherwise flake off gradually in the form of dandruff. If this too shows no results after two or three weeks, then you should switch to an anti dandruff shampoo.

The two most effective ingredients in anti dandruff shampoos are selenium sulfide and ketoconazole. You must ensure that your shampoo contains either of these ingredients. Other active ingredients in anti dandruff shampoos include salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione, but these have limited effectiveness. Selenium sulfide and ketoconazole are each able to address both of the most common causes of dandruff - a fungal infection of the scalp and an abnormal rate of production and death of new skin cells on the scalp. An effective anti dandruff shampoo must destroy the fungus causing the infection, and should at the same time stabilize the rate at which skin cells on the scalp are created and discarded. Some studies have shown that shampoos containing selenium sulfide are the most effective, while others have shown that shampoos containing ketoconazole are the most effective. Thus, there is as yet no clear winner, and you can choose either one.

Of course, some people prefer to use natural products. Among natural products, the best anti dandruff shampoos are those that contain tea tree oil, a highly effective anti fungal agent. 
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