Effects of Anti Aging Skin Creams

by Sam Malone

Aging is a natural process that is not only irreversible, but also unavoidable. As time passes and your body begins to age, the changes in the skin and the hair are most evident. It is perhaps because of this that many turn towards anti aging skin creams.

It has been seen that racially, those with darker skin tones, do not lose their youth as visibly as those who have fairer skin. There are several anti aging techniques that one may use. Facelifts and laser resurfacing are some of the more expensive techniques. However, since anti aging creams are inexpensive and more readily available, they are far more popular than any other anti aging technique. In a recent scientific study, the secretions left by a snail were studied to find out its rejuvenating properties. It was found that this secretion contained important enzymes known as Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione. These are regenerative antioxidants which get rid of free radicals and stimulate the rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton. In addition, these enzymes also stimulate fibroblast, causing the skin to appear younger and firmer.

There are tissue proteins known as Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases. These are responsible for reversing the process of aging to some extent. It was found that the secretions of the snail are able to stimulate these regulatory proteins too. Such enzymatic activities cause a reduction in the natural damage that is sustained by skin. These activities also delay the signs of aging by reducing degeneration.

Photo exposure is one of the main causes of skin degeneration. It has been seen that products which are based on Cryptomphalus Aspera are excellent for treating skin which has been damaged due to photo exposure. Since the skin's defense is based mainly on the effective functioning of superoxide dismutase, an effective anti aging cream would ideally stimulate the enzymes. There is a substantial depletion of antioxidants in skin, which has been damaged because of photo-aging. When the antioxidant level is low, the free reactive oxygen radicals are not eliminated and may destroy biomembranes.

Most cosmetic formulations contain retinoids and antioxidants which aim to slow down the levels of superoxide dismutase significantly. In addition, cosmetic products which contain these enzymes, have been studied to have a greater impact in reducing the depth of the wrinkles on the skin. Other products in the anti aging creams may allow the skin to remain hydrated for a longer period of time, increasing the moisture retaining capacity of the skin.

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