How to Prevent Recurring Infections and Sore Throat

by Pankaj Kotak, M.Sc., N.D.

Recurring infections such as a throat infection, skin infection or a urinary tract infection (UTI) are an indication of a weak immune system. Changing your diet and lifestyle can greatly enhance the immune system and prevent the recurrence of infections.

Listed below, are the main causes of a weak immune system:

  • A diet high in refined carbohydrates such as sugar and processed foods. Processed foods are usually deficient in vital nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. They often contain trans fats and artificial ingredients which are harmful to health.
  • A diet high in polyunsaturated fats such as soybean oil, corn Oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil.
  • Deficiency of vital nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, and zinc, among others.
  • Toxic accumulation in the body causes damage to the cells which causes abnormal functioning of organs and many bodily processes.
  • Imbalance of the intestinal flora (Dysbiosis) involving a reduction in beneficial bacteria and an increase in bad bacteria makes the body susceptible to all kinds of infectious diseases.
  • Stress makes the immune system weak. It has been found that chronic stress increases a person's susceptibility to common cold.
  • Researchers have found that inadequate sleep also lowers the immunity.

Following diet and lifestyle changes can boost your immune system naturally.

Follow a more natural Diet:

Include more vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, legumes and sprouted beans in your diet. They provide the necessary nutrients to keep the immune system strong. Also, they contain complex carbohydrates which provide a sustained release of energy to the body.

Saturated Fat:

Saturated fat in milk, butter, clarified butter, cheese, eggs and coconut oil have been found to boost the immunity.

Vitamin Supplements:

Supplementing the diet with vitamin C, B vitamins, Beta Carotene and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and potassium removes nutritional deficiencies and improves general health.

Add Probiotics to the Diet:

Adding fermented milk products like yogurt, butter milk, replenishes the intestine with beneficial bacteria, which significantly enhances the body's capacity to fight of infectious diseases. It also improves your digestive health.

Sunlight & Vitamin D:

Sunlight produces vitamin D under the skin. Vitamin D is a hormone like substance which acts as a powerful immune enhancer. Cod Liver oil is a rich natural source of vitamin D for those don't get enough sunlight. It is also high in vitamin A which also increases the immunity.


Listening to soothing and relaxing music relieves the mind of stress. Meditation is also a powerful technique of relieving the stress and improving the overall brain function.


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