Bypass Surgery

by Carol Gomes

Heart disease is considered to be a silent killer because many sufferers do not even realize that they are afflicted with the disease. Heart disease is caused from a hardening or blockage in the arteries of the heart due to a material that is called plaque. Plaque builds up until the artery may become fully blocked therefore cutting off the blood flow to the heart. Heart disease can be prevented from a healthy diet and exercise program. This is usually a type of genetic disease that is passed down from one generation to the next. Heart disease can also be caused from environmental factors.

Coronary heart disease is when the supply of oxygen or blood is reduced to the heart muscle. This restriction of oxygen or blood then causes a narrowing and hardening of the arteries in the heart. Medicine or lifestyle changes can help a patient who is suffering from coronary heart disease.

If a person does not change their diet or exercises then a doctor may recommend a patient having bypass surgery performed. In bypass surgery a piece of a vein from the leg or artery from the wrist or chest is used to help repair the damaged heart muscle. The surgeon will attach this piece to the coronary artery. This is designed to open the area that has been blocked or narrowed. Some times people need more than one bypass preformed.

Heart bypass surgery may have to performed again if the artery has not been widened enough in order to restore the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. Heart bypass surgery may have to be re-performed in ten years. A bypass can close ten years after the surgery has been performed. This happens in about ten percent of people who have had bypass surgery performed.

Heart disease is one of the top killers. It seems that in recent year’s heart disease has been affecting more women then men. If heart disease runs in your family it is very important to talk to your physician about a healthy diet and routine exercise program. These are the tow most effective preventive measures in stopping heart disease before it even starts.

In the early stages of heart disease an individual can be treated with medicine that is designed to prevent any further blockage and to restore the flow of blood or oxygen to the heart. Diet and exercise can help to prevent the heart disease from spreading even further.

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