Gastric Bypass Surgery

by M. Williams

If an individual is overweight by eighty pounds or more and has been unsuccessful at losing weight through a diet or exercise program then that individual may be a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. This type of surgery is also recommended for individuals who are overweight and afflicted by health issues such as heart disease, diabetes or sleep apnea.

Gastric bypass surgery limits the amount of food that an individual is able to eat. Some gastric bypass surgeries also limit the amount of food that can be digested by the body. People who have gastric bypass surgery performed usually lose weight very rapidly. This is one of the major pluses of having the surgery performed. If an individual has had a gastric bypass it is recommended that the individual also plans to eat a healthier diet and to begin an exercise program. This will allow the individual to keep most of the weight off. Some of the complications of gastric bypass are hernias, blood clots and infections.

An individual must weigh several options before having gastric bypass surgery. An individual must first try to lose weight through a diet and exercise program. A gastric bypass is a very serious procedure that involves the stapling of the stomach to reduce the amount of food that a person takes in. This is major surgery that should only be performed on certain overweight individuals.

A candidate for gastric bypass surgery will have to go through an extensive screening process in order to make sure the candidate meets the criteria for having the surgery. A physician, psychologist, surgeon and dietician will decide if the surgery is for you. This team of health care professionals will decide if an individual is healthy enough mentally and physically to have the surgery performed.

After gastric bypass surgery is performed an individual can expect to have body aches, feeling cold, feeling tired, flu like symptoms, dry skin, hair loss, thinning of the hair and mood changes. In the first two years of having the surgery an individual can lose up to fifty percent of their excess weight.

Gastric bypass surgery is recommended as a last option for people who need and have been unsuccessful at losing weight. There is a long recovery period for an individual who has gone through gastric bypass surgery. The results are amazing though once the surgery is over. An individual will feel and look like a new person.

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