by Sharon Hopkins

Ancient spas depended on the therapeutic effect of the hot springs, as spas are synonymous with health through water. People on the move visited these springs to carry the sanctified water for rejuvenating themselves and healing them from various diseases or ailments.

In modern days, spas are of varied types. A spa is a place delivering procedures, such as body treatment, massages, facial, pedicure and manicure for the overall well-being of an individual. It provides both physical and mental health. A visit to a spa is an experience by itself.

A spa offers the above said treatments in a relaxing environment, thereby soothing the person with music. Many houses are changed into spas, though expensive spas are also seen. Robes and slippers are provided. The air around is serene and individualized rooms for each entity is provided. Experienced and professional estheticians (expert in facial) and massage masseurs help in deriving the most benefit of this experience. Fresh linens and bedspreads are provided. A day spa is a place for minor treatments, like, massage and body treatment. Individuals are not required to spend the night. The area is clean and a relaxation room is provided for post treatment purposes, with tea.

Sauna and steam rooms are also present. Manicure and pedicure is not a function of all spas. Body wraps and salt glows are a part of body spa treatments. Styling and cutting hair is a part of quiet a few spas. Massages, such as, hot stone massage, reflexology and Thai massage are few types. An esthetician shall provide guidance to an individual, regarding the skin type.

A health spa is beneficial in maintaining an ideal body weight. It helps in monitoring the wellness of an individual. A Swedish massage is recommended for individuals visiting for the first time. This includes muscle kneading for an hour with the help of oil, which is used as a lubricant. The individual is made to lie down naked and is covered by towels. Massage cost is proportional to the location and the standard of the spa. Massage in the spa decreases tension and stress, by soothing the nerves. It is beneficial against spasms and muscle cramps. It enhances the nutrient and oxygen supply to the brain, by improving the circulation.

Weight loss spa helps in reducing the weight by weight control through natural methods. Crash diets are absent. Visit to the spa is not recommended to individuals suffering from osteoporosis, swelling and other serious complications. Any underlying condition is explained.

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