Urine Test

by Rachel Bhan

Urine test determines the urine components and wastes produced by the kidneys. Minerals, fluids and other wastes are eliminated in the urine. A review of the symptoms might help in determining the underlying conditions and thereby the health of the individual, as such. Urine is diagnosed in the laboratory for the type of infection. It is normally sterile, though infection with bacteria is possible. A wash before providing a urine sample is essential.

Urine should be prevented from bacterial infection by keeping her lips of the vagina estranged. A sample of urine is taken in a sterile test tube. It is a part of the diagnostic procedure, such as blood tests and stool tests. Urine tests are cost effective and easy and forms a vital part of diagnosis. Urinary sugar determines diabetes mellitus. Urinary blood is an indicator of kidney diseases, bladder diseases or urinary system diseases. Urinary protein highlights on kidney damage due to diabetes.

A sample of a tissue is taken for determining drug usage. Two types of drug tests are available. Providing a sample of urine, blood, saliva, hair or any other fluid to a laboratory for analysis is the most common type. The sample undergoes high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry or immunoassay. Specific gravity test is done.

Urine drug test is a peril, as it highlights on other parameters also. Though it is hard to use, it is cheap, reliable and precise. Urine drug test gives an idea of the prescription drugs and nonprescription drugs, such as, marijuana. It is easy to detect its presence, even after 30 days of administration.

Vitamin B2 urine color drug test is one more indicator. Determination of proper creatine levels or lack of B2 to prop up the color is a marker of drug use. An efficient way for clearing the drug test is the powdered urine kit. This is a powder, similar to urine, which is dissolved in water. It is similar in appearance and odor.  It is an easy-to-do-procedure. It can be passed at ease by making a sample of urine from the kit. It is one of the most common assessment techniques for individuals to clear interviews. Nevertheless, the simplest method of passing the urine drug test is to abstain from drug consumption.

Detoxification calls for a one week proposal. Saliva detoxification products are available in the market in the form of mouthwash and capsules. Passing a hair test for drug use is complicated, as drug use can be identified even after 6 months, in the hair.

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