Noise Induced Hearing Loss

by Kevin Pederson

Sound is everywhere in one’s daily living in the environment. A person normally encounters sounds such as from traffic, from household appliances and others. These sounds do not affect a person’s sense of hearing for they are heard in safe levels. A person can suffer noise induced hearing loss or NIHL when exposed to intense impulse sound; one example is an explosion, and noise or loud sounds for a long time. This noise can damage the sensitive structures in one’s ear called the hair cells. These sensitive hair cells are responsible for sending the electrical signals converted from sound energy to the brain. Once hair cells are damaged they can’t grow back and may lead to hearing loss.

To protect one’s hearing it is very important to be aware of the decibel levels. Decibel is the unit of measurement of the loudness of the sound. In a sound scale, sounds range from 120 to 150 decibels. And a long time exposure to sounds with a measurement of 85 decibel above can cause noise induced hearing loss. Sounds less than 75 decibels are not likely to cause loss of hearing even if one is exposed to it at a long period of time. Duration and distance from the sound is also important. Avoid noises that are too close, too long and too loud.

The symptoms that a person with noise induced hearing loss has will gradually increase. A person may have difficulties on understanding speech. The sounds he or she may hear are muffled or distorted. A person may not even be aware if he has noise induced hearing loss but this can be determined through a hearin test. To prevent NHIL you can wear hearing protectors like earmuffs or earplugs. Anyone can be affected with noise induced hearing loss, from children to adults. Exposure to noise can happen anywhere in the environment. Many people are already suffering from noise induced hearing loss. For those who are already affected by noise induced hearing loss, there are already available hearing aids.

There are very many hearing aid types available. You can choose any hearing aid type that best suit for the level of your noise induced hearing loss. This is important so that even if you are suffering from noise induced hearing loss you can still be able to cope up with everyday living. You can be able to hear sounds through these hearing aids and be able to communicate with others. This way, your life is not that restrained.

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