Swedish Massage

by Rachel Bhan

Swedish massage is the most preferred massage technique. A tender pressure with firmness is made use of to enhance the circulation and reduce the stress. It increases the muscle flexibility and soothes chronic muscle tension. Different movements of a swedish massage are effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, percussion and passive and active movements. Smooth, gliding movements of the thumb, finger tip or palm is referred to as effleurage. Rubbing down movement of the thumb, hand or finger is petrissage. Friction is the pressure applied with the finger or palm, in a circular fashion. Vibration is the next step, wherein oscillatory action aids in shaking the body. Brisk tapping is percussion and the final step is the passive and active movements, which involves stretching and bending.

All these steps are done in the direction of the heart. This concept is typical of Swedish massage. This ensures the elimination of wastes and enhancement in blood circulation. A typical swedish massage lasts for one to one and half hour. It is the basis for aromatherapy, sports massage and deep tissue massage. Massage oil with essential oil is used as a lubricant to stimulate the sense of smell. The parts other than the one to be massaged are covered by a sheet. Swedish massage is the type of massage done as part of sports massage. Swedish massage helps in dispersing the lactic acid, thereby helping in carrying more oxygen and blood.

Pressure application against the bones or muscles in Swedish massage helps in relaxation. Toxin elimination and increase in blood oxygen are the main objective. It fails to increase the load on the heart. Swedish massage aids in triggering the elasticity of the nervous system. Emotional and physical stress is decreased. It relaxes the nerves and helps in flushing of uric acid. It is referred to, as a part of stress management. Swedish massage is also referred to as 'therapeutic massage'. It helps in regaining lost health and is rejuvenating. Experienced and licensed massage therapists are recommended.Relaxation and invigoration are the main objectives of Swedish massage with rhythmic and proper pressure.

Swedish massage reduces the recovery from muscle stress. It increases the heart load and the movement range. Ligament and tendon elasticity is improved. Physical and psychological stress is overcome in a better manner and hence, a Swedish massage is recommended as a part of stress management program. It is also referred to for remedial therapy.

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