Treatment Through Behavior Therapy

by Sharon Hopkins

ADHD or attention deficit disorder is a disorder that requires the patient to undergo several therapies before cure is done, one of this is the behavior therapy or behavior modification which is aimed at bringing out a change in behavior of the child suffering from this disorder.

Behavior modification techniques are not taught to the child, instead a training regarding this therapy is provided to parents, teachers, relatives, and also children, this therapy helps people to bring out a change in the behavior of the child. It is requires that parents and teachers use this modification therapy to bring out a change in the behavior, at the time of daily interaction of the child.

Behavior modification or behavior therapy teaches parents to change antecedents that are events before the behavior and the consequences that are the events after behavior, so that the change is complete, parents and teachers are also counseled regarding the way they show their reactions after a command given to the child is obeyed or disobeyed.

Parents are teachers are trained in behavior therapy to bring out a change in the antecedents so that they can control the actual behavior of the child and also bring out change in the consequences, so the child learns to react differently rather than the usual reaction.

It is necessary that all start using this therapy at the same time, if all are united then the results are bound to be faster and correct. It is necessary that parents and teachers should set goals for children suffering from ADHD that are reachable, the target should be realistic rather than the actual goad, parents and teachers should try and take small steps towards the goal. Directly reaching for actual goal may backfire and further complicate things.

It is necessary to decide on something that is achievable for the child, however small it may look like, once you and the child start achieving success, the progress would be faster, however parents and teachers will require patience to deal with situations. The behavior therapist who teaches therapy to parents and the teachers will provide counseling to the child too, therefore you can set goals in consultation with the therapist, if you want to make success doubly sure. You can also take regular therapy sessions with the therapist, who can teach your child behavior techniques better and more scientifically than you can teach, however, your and the teacher’s participation is most necessary in this therapy.

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