Antisocial Personality Disorder

by Shaun Damon

Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is a mental problem that involves using others, manipulating them, even to the extent of violating their rights. This long-term problem, which is more common in men than in women, often has criminal manifestations.

The definition for ASPD goes as ‘a regular and persistent behavior of disregard or disrespect for, and abuse of, the freedom, rights and privileges of others and this starts right from childhood or even at the beginning of adolescence and prolongs right till the person has reached adulthood’.

Usually, criminal manifestations as a child are often linked to the development of this disorder later on in life. Petty, yet violent, activities like cruelty to animals or younger siblings and damage to property are signs of antisocial personality disorder.

In this article, we will discuss in brief, the causes, symptoms, types and treatment for antisocial personality disorder.


Like many mental health problems, the exact cause of antisocial personality disorder is not known. However, there are many probable causes. Listed below are some of the causes of this disorder.
  • Genetic
  • Child abuse
  • Alcoholic parents
  • Antisocial parents
  • Trauma

People suffering from antisocial disorder may not seem antisocial all the time. In fact, they may display characteristics that are quite the opposite.

Listed below are some of the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder.

  • Charming personalities
  • Good at flattering people
  • Good at understanding what makes other people tick and uses them
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Tend to lie a lot
  • Stealing is common
  • Getting into fights
  • Breaking the law, disregard for rules in general
  • Have no care for their own safety
  • Have no respect for the safety of others
  • Indifferent to the feeling of others
  • Prone to anger
  • Are often extremely arrogant in nature
  • Have no sense of remorse

Antisocial personality disorder can be split in to five subtypes.

  • Covetous Antisocial behavior (a feeling that everything happening in their life is unfair).
  • Reputation defending antisocial behavior (Have narcissistic tendencies).
  • Nomadic antisocial behavior (Exhibit low social interaction).
  • Risk taking antisocial behavior (Attention seeking behavior).
  • Malevolent antisocial behavior (Exhibit sadistic behavior).

The only treatment for antisocial personality disorder is to seek help from a psychiatrist, and since this disorder is usually not diagnosed, most people do not even know that they need help.

Recently Schema therapy, a type of psychotherapy has been used to treat this problem. The best form of treatment is the early sort. If you find that your child or a loved one is exhibiting these symptoms, get them help as the sooner you do so, the more effective the treatment will be.

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