How to Soothe Chafing Under Breasts

by Sharon Hopkins

In extreme temperatures or hot climates, your body can develop rashes and the skin can get chafed. Chafing is skin rubbing on skin or on any surface such as synthetic clothing or other material, thus getting red and irritated. Chafing often happens in people who are overweight or who wear ill-fitting clothes.

Chafing under the breast often happens during exercises or running, or even while wearing an ill-fitting bra. The chafing causes irritation on the skin because the constant rubbing scrapes at the skin, leaving it sore. If the skin is moist, this causes bacteria and yeast to breed, thus making the soreness worse. chafing continues unabated, without any remedy or relief, it could become a rash, especially under the breasts or the armpits. These areas are rarely exposed and aired, and the skin therefore does eventually leading to a rash.

There are no real cures for this condition, but there are many tips you can take which will make life a little bearable and give your skin a chance to heal:

  • Preferably wear loose clothes, made of cotton. This especially holds true for inner wear. Your underwear should always be loose and made of cotton.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes to sleep. If possible wear loose caftans indoors so that your skin can breathe.
  • Avoid activities that increase chafing. Wait till the irritation has passed before resuming the activity.
  • If the irritation is very acute, use medicated gel or powder to dry up the areas. Also dry these areas properly after a bath.
  • If irritation is allowed to subsist, it can lead to yeast or bacterial infections. Take steps to avoid this.
  • Avoid using too many chemicals like deodorants or creams. Let the skin breathe naturally as much as possible.
  • Antihistamines and creams for dermatitis can be used in cases of extreme irritation.
  • Cornstarch is also considered an effective remedy for skin chafing but it is important that you do not sweat after applying it.

Though not strictly speaking a remedy, losing weight is considered the best long-term solution to chafing. Losing weight and building muscle tone is a good way to prevent breasts from chafing against the surrounding skin. If you are a diabetic, you should also get your sugar levels tested. Sometimes long term high sugar levels can lead to yeast infections which can start after chafing.


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