I have a white color on a couple of my toe nails. It's only on the upper part of my two big toes nails. I do polish my nails. What is the cause and remedy for this.

To begin with, you should know that the occasional white spot on your toenails is nothing serious and should not be an unduly cause for concern. If these have been around for longer than a month, then you need to examine them in more detail. Otherwise, a slight bump, tap or an injury caused when you weren't looking can be responsible for them. For most part, this should grow out with the nail as the nail keeps growing. However, if this condition has been around for a while and you suspect that it is something more, you should consult a podiatrist at once. It is important you do not delay this because if this turns out to be a fungal infection, you will end up with a lot more grief than just a couple of white spots. A toenail fungus can be a harbinger of seriously bad news. It can completely discolor your toenail and can cause a large amount of splitting and breaking apart of the nail. This will also need some really harsh measures to control and kill the fungus. This kind of a fungal infection has a way of insidiously creeping under the nail bed and infecting the area between the nail and the skin. If you are stuck with a toenail fungus, you need to soak your feet in generously hot water to which liberal amounts of hydrogen peroxide have been added. This process, done over a week, will help to begin killing the fungal infection. You can also apply and keep a thick layer of mentholated balm to your toenail, as this will also kill the live fungus. Keeping your nails short and completely free of polish becomes mandatory if you have a toenail fungus. Polish can coat your nails and not allow for passage of fresh air, thereby causing the fungus to thrive in the dark and airless environment.

It is also possible that you could be allergic to some new brand of nail polish you have been using of late. You should examine this possibility since it is very real.  Chemicals included in nail color are not agreeable to a lot of people and if you are one of those, the solution becomes quite simple. All you have to do is stop using polish for a few days. Air out your nails and give them a chance to breathe freely. The problem will take care of itself.

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