Recovery after Abortion

Taking care of oneself is imperative after an abortion. You need to accept and come to terms with your feelings. Suppression and avoidance of your grief, guilt, or any other emotions will only delay healing, making it even harder for you to cope. Meditative practices that help give you clarity of thought, will help to maintain focus and prepare you for the future, while helping you accept and put the past behind. Things to do to aid the healing process and lessen abortion recovery time include the following:

  • If possible, stay off work for a few days and rest
  • Drink plenty to water and fluids
  • Start on the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor right away and follow through until the entire course is complete
  • Do not exercise for up two weeks
  • Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity
  • Avoid swimming and tub baths for two weeks after the abortion
  • Refrain from sexual intercourse for two to four weeks
  • Do not use tampons or douches for up to four weeks after the procedure
  • Fertility is at a peak after an abortion so no unprotected sex in order to prevent another pregnancy
  • Do not miss the two-week doctor's check up after the abortion. This is imperative to check that healing is taking place, there is no infection in the uterus, that the cervix has closed completely and that the abortion was complete.

While most abortions today are safe and generally uncomplicated, as with any other surgical procedure there are always side effects and risks involved. During the period of recovery from an abortion it is normal to have extreme mood swings, cry constantly and feel tired and weak. Pregnancy hormones may remain in the body for up to year after an abortion causing emotional and physiological upheavals.

Frequently asked questions
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