Coping with Abortion

Coping with abortion is never easy. While some women may be relieved at after the procedure, most suffer in some way or the other. Most women, who have had abortions complain of mixed feelings and are plagued with guilt and anger. Psychologists and counselors believe that there are several ways one can cope with abortion better. Some of these suggestions are:

  • There may be some comfort to be sought through some sort of ceremony or ritual to mark the sense of loss. Planting a tree or lighting a candle can help in acknowledging one's feelings.
  • Most clinics provide counseling sessions after the abortion to help get over the grief. There are also online support groups and helplines that can assist.
  • The focus of an abortion is generally on the woman. However, many men report feelings of guilt, anger, shame, and helplessness after their partner’s abortion. It is worthwhile for both partners to visit a counselor or support group after the abortion to avoid any long-term effects on the relationship.

Unresolved feelings of guilt and anguish can cause long term emotional damage, and it would be best to not suppress such feelings. If you or a loved one have experienced an abortion in the recent past or even years before, it may help to seek counsel from one of these support groups:

  1. Post Abortion Healing and Help, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support
  2. Abortion Support Group - Inspire
  3. Post Abortion Support Group


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