Prognosis of Testicular Cancer

There are certain factors that are known to influence the prognosis or the overall recovery of the person from testicular cancer. These include:

  • The type of testicular cancer
  • The stage of the cancer which will include details such as whether the cancer has spread to the other parts of the body, whether the tumor was near or in the testicles, as well as the blood levels of LDH, AFP etc.
  • The size as well as the number of the retroperitoneal lymph nodes
  • The size of the tumor
  • The general health, age and overall response of the person to the testicular cancer treatment.

In most cases, with timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment, testicular cancer is curable; however one should bear in mind that testicular cancer treatment may result in infertility. In such cases, the individuals who wish to have children ought to consider sperm banking before they undergo the treatment for testicular cancer. Sperm banking is a process wherein the sperm is frozen and stored for later use.

The prognosis for testicular cancer is usually positive as the tumors that cause testicular cancer are very sensitive to chemotherapy and hence can be cured even if they are metastatic.