Prevention of Testicular Cancer

There are no known ways to prevent the development of testicular cancer; however there are certain steps that an individual may follow to ensure that the testicular cancer is developed at an early stage itself wherein there is a stronger chance of it being cured. These include:

  • Performing regular self checks of the testicles and the scrotum as records have shown that most cases of testicular cancer have been detected during a routine physical examination by a doctor or a self examination.
  • Men should also be conscious of any discomfort or pain that they may experience in their lower back, scrotum or pelvis and if such pain is experienced then they should immediately report the same to their doctor.

To perform a self examination, the individual should stand in front of a mirror and try and look for any visible swelling on the surface of the scrotum. Thereafter, the middle and index fingers should be placed under the testicles with the thumbs placed on the top to check for any physical abnormality in the size and shape of the testicles which are usually oval shaped, smooth and slightly firm. By practicing this on a regular basis, the individual will become familiar with the natural size and shape of the testicles and thereby immediately spot any changes or abnormalities.

Additionally, those who have a higher risk factor of developing testicular cancer should also constantly monitor their scrotum in the form of self examinations or even through a routine check via the doctor.