Home Remedies for Pyelonephritis

There are not many home remedies for pyelonephritis. However, you can take more stringent measures to treat and protect yourself against common urinary tract infections, as they are the most common cause of pyelonephritis. Drink lots of water and keep voiding your bladder whenever you need to. Holding the urine in for long periods of time can cause infection to the bladder. Drinking small amounts of water is also a cause of bladder infections, so keep yourself well hydrated.

Another way to take care of yourself is to maintain good hygiene. After you urinate, clean yourself well with dry paper tissue. You may even wash yourself and then air dry the genital area or wipe it with a tissue. When wiping yourself, always wipe from front to back. Women who wipe themselves from back to front risk exposing the genitalia to bacteria from the anal region. This can increase the risk of developing urinary tract infections.

Though there is no specific diet for pyelonephritis, consuming a healthy diet can help you keep your immunity up. This can also help you maintain good health and keep recurrent infections at bay. Drink a lot of cranberry juice as it is considered the best remedy for urinary tract infections.

In addition to this, you should track your symptoms closely. If you have been diagnosed with pyelonephritis and have been prescribed an antibiotic for treatment, your symptoms should start getting better after a few days of medication. If you experience no change in your symptoms, contact your health care provider. Continue to take your medications and if your doctor recommends a change in medication, do so promptly. If any of your symptoms begin to worsen, or recur, talk to your health care provider immediately.

Avoid using any chemicals in the genital areas as these can irritate the delicate skin. Using cosmetics in the genital area is usually not recommended. You should also avoid consuming non caffeinated drinks because caffeine can cause an increase in the loss of bodily fluids.

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