Living with Pyelonephritis

Living with pyelonephritis is usually not possible, because when severe, the condition can cause kidney failure. This can increase blood toxicity and cause eventual death. Those who experience recurrent pyelonephritis should meet with their health care practitioner regularly. They should also be extra careful about their hygiene and diet. Pyelonephritis is a dangerous disease and may cause permanent damage to the body, which is why getting diagnosed with it repeatedly may be very discouraging.

There are easy ways to prevent the condition, especially if it is associated with recurring infections. Pyelonephritis should not be taken lightly and though there are no specific support groups for this disease, there may be support groups for kidney diseases in general. You may seek support from such groups and get all the information about the disease and possible treatments. Keep in touch with your health care practitioners and keep your appointments regular.

Frequently asked questions
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