Living with Kidney Failure

Here are some helpful suggestions for those living with Kidney Failure:

  • Kidney failure requires medication, dialysis and proper diet. It is important to follow your doctor's recommendation.
  • Avoid alcohol intake and cigarettes.
  • Try to keep your daily routine as normal as you can. Engage in activities that you enjoy and if you are able, continue to work. This helps greatly in coping with Kidney Failure and may help to alleviate the sadness or helplessness that you may be experiencing.
  • Exercise helps to deal with tiredness and stress that occurs due to kidney failure. It is advisable to exercise for a minimum of half an hour daily. However talk to your doctor before beginning your exercise routine.
  • Surround yourself with family members or friends who can listen to you and offer their support.
  • Join a support group where you can interact and communicate with other individuals dealing with kidney disease. Learning about their experiences with the disease may be insightful and helpful for you.

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