Home Remedies for Gonorrhea

It is important to treat the gonorrhea at the earliest. Sometimes drugs do not always have an effect. With a higher incidence of drug resistant gonorrhea making an appearance, more people are seeking alternate remedies.

There are different home remedies for gonorrhea. Tea tree oil is considered a great remedy for gonorrhea. One way of administering it is using a tampon soaked in the essential oil. You can also use a yogurt-soaked tampon. The natural bacterium in yogurt is believed to fight off the infection.

Increasing your consumption of garlic is also a way to improve your body’s ability to fight the infection naturally. You may also apply garlic paste directly to the affected areas.

Sour sop, also known as the guyabano fruit, can be juiced and taken orally as a home remedy for gonorrhea. Mangosteen is another fruit you can ingest for gonorrhea. This fruit is high in anti-bacterial properties.

A diet containing Vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B complex, vitamin K and minerals can help to deal with the infection. A word of caution here - Too many supplements taken, especially without a doctor’s sanction, can also lead to its own set of complications.

Alternate healing methods like Chinese acupuncture and acupressure have also shown promise in healing gonorrhea. But you must also keep in mind that traditional medicine must always be used under the supervision and advice of a certified doctor.