Symptoms of Cellulitis

The signs and symptoms of cellulitis may vary from one person to another depending on the severity of the infection and the type of cellulitis the person is suffering from. In general, some of the common symptoms of cellulitis include:

  • Fever: Except in the case of perianal cellulitis, fever is a common symptom is most types of cellulitis. A person suffering from cellulitis may develop a fever with or without accompanying sweats and chills.
  • Tenderness and Pain: Cellulitis sufferers commonly experience pain and tenderness in the areas affected by this infection. The pain and tenderness usually starts in a small area and then spreads as this infection progresses.
  • Inflammation and Skin Redness: Just like the pain, the inflammation and redness of the skin also increases as the infection progresses. The skin in the infected area usually gets red, irritated and hot causing a lot of discomfort to the sufferer.
  • Rashes: Rashes are another common sign of cellulitis and usually develop on the elbows, scalp, knees, and other affected body parts. These rashes start suddenly and spread rapidly especially in the first 24 hours of the infection.
  • Glossy Appearance on the Skin: The skin on the affected parts usually gets a stretched, tight, and glossy appearance. This causes further itching and irritation for the sufferer.
Apart from these common symptoms, some of the other signs of a cellulitis infection include - fatigue, sweating, chills, muscle aches, and a general feeling of sickness. Many people experience other symptoms along with a cellulitis infection such as stiffness in the joints, loss of hair at the infection site, nausea, and vomiting.