May 22, 2009

Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Pregnancy is a state in which a woman’s body is most vulnerable. Hence, needless to say it is the time to take maximum care of your system too. The entire period of pregnancy witnesses drastic changes in your body fairly frequently. Sometimes the body is unable to cope with the sudden change and displays alarming signs. These need to be addressed immediately and need to be supervised right from the instance of the first occurrence. Vaginal bleeding is a sign most women experience during pregnancy, and it is thought of as normal. While this maybe partly true, bleeding from the vagina can also be an indication of far more serious complexities that need immediate attention. Hence, medical supervision is a must to safeguard the lives of the mother and child. Monitor the bleeding at every occurrence with your gynecologist in order to rule out serious complications.

Normal bleeding usually happens during your menstrual cycles. That is quite normal and the bleeding is in the form of spotting, that too for just a day or two. If you find that the bleeding is more profuse than usual and lasts for more than two days, it is out of the ordinary and should be immediately brought to your gynecologist’s attention. Your cervix is also more prone to bleed during pregnancy and activities like sex or excessive physical exercise might cause the vagina to bleed a little. This too is considered normal and lasts for just a day or two. If working out leads to bleeding, make sure you keep a log of your workouts and bleeding frequencies. Here too, if the bleeding is excessive or prolonged, medical attention is imperative. Another cause for vaginal bleeding is attributed to an implant occurring outside the uterus owing to an infection in the urinary tract. In such instances, sexual intercourse can result in bleeding. If the bleeding occurs during the later part of your pregnancy, it could be a sign of pre-term labor. This will require immediate emergency medical treatment.

If you notice abnormal bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy, do not panic as it only worsens the situation by increasing blood pressure and blood flow and thus the loss of blood as well. It is only very rare cases of bleeding that lead to miscarriage, and with medical attention, it can quite easily be controlled. Keep this in mind and go to your doctor immediately in a calm state of mind. Wear a pad so that you know how much blood has been lost and report it to your doctor.