What is a home remedy for a UTI infection?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that attacks the urinary tract. The urine usually does not contain any bacteria but when the bacteria attack the kidneys or the urinary bladder, they then find their way into the urine, resulting in a UTI. The most common symptoms of a UTI are the need to pass urine frequently, a burning sensation while passing urine, pus and blood in your urine, and a mild fever. UTIs are very common in women who are sexually active and diabetic people.

The easiest way to treat this condition is to flush it out of your system. Ensure that you drink more water than usual while you have a UTI. You can also drink baking soda mixed with water. Research has shown that cranberry juice is helpful in ensuring that bacteria do not stick to the sides of the urinary tract. However, because cranberry juice can also cause irritation, you may want to dilute it before you consume it. There are also a number of simple things you can do to prevent getting a UTI. Ensure that you wash your genital area before and after sex. You should also make sure that you do not drink too little water each day. Finally, never resist the urge to urinate – this will only cause a number of problems for you.

answered by M W

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