March 18, 2010

Tapas Acupressure Technique – TAT Pose

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Tapas Acupressure Technique, popularly shortened to TAT is an interesting but controversial method. It appears to be more of a complementary therapy. It claims to bring about the focus on getting one’s desired outcomes. It finds its origins in the year 1993 where the essence was given by a licensed acupuncturist by the name of Tapas Fleming, hailing from California. It’s supposed to be a variety of holistic healing aimed at banishing negative emotions and at the same time, clearing past traumas. The objective is to get you to aid yourself. If you like, you could enlist the help of a certified Professional. However, he/she plays the role of facilitator and guide, while you are responsible and accountable for growth and betterment. This is the key, according to TAT, for sustainable change in one’s behavior as well as consciousness. It unites TAT Pose along with emphasis on steps of TAT, where the former deals with acupressure points. These are positioned on your head, both along the back and front. The steps essentially refer to a succession of statements which are believed to be both liberating and empowering. It also claims to help in weight loss.

It is one of the recommendations of this therapy to drink about 8 glasses of water. Even if, as a patient, you do not wish to go in for the acupressure points, there is an alternative. The practitioner effectively positions his hands in a healing way, close enough to your skin to be inside of the energy field radius. TAT can also be practiced alone. It is important to bear in mind that this is more of alternative therapy and its scientific basis is questionable. If you want to be able to deal with emotional trauma, it is important that you don’t neglect your physical well being. Thus, vegetables are indispensible as a part of your daily diet. Fresh fruits are a great way to get much needed nutrients and flush away toxins. Cayenne pepper can provide you with a mood lift. As for exercise, something as simple as a brisk walk may elevate you mood by releasing those wonderful natural endorphins. If the past trauma still haunts you, it might be best to seek professional help. Support groups and counseling have benefited many people who have undergone trauma or are facing depression. Before trying out support or alternative methods, do consider giving tried and tested solutions such as these a chance.