Bed bugs bites, what to apply on the skin. Bites are very red and itchy, painful?

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A bed bug infestation can be terrible, and the worse part of these tiny bugs are the painful bites they inflict on your person. You can try a variety of home remedies to stop these bites from hurting. Of course, if you notice any marks on your body you should visit a doctor since these could be an allergic reaction to medications or something you ate.

The first thing is to remember that scratching these bites only makes them worse. Although the temptation to scratch is great, you should dry and resist. Instead use some warm water to wash the areas where you have been bitten. You can try this easy to make concoction to soothe the bites on your body. Use two ounces of organic virgin coconut oil. Add six drops of lavender oil and five drops of oregon oil. Mix this well. You can use this on the bed bug bites on your body.

If your house has been invaded by bed bugs and you are getting bitten every night, then the most important thing to do is to clean your house of the infestation. If your mattress is full of bugs you can even consider getting rid of it. Clean out your house thoroughly, wash all your clothes and bed clothes in hot water, and try to dry them in the sunlight.

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