January 13, 2010

How to Prevent Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is widely prevalent and often misunderstood because too few really delve into the question ‘What is drug addiction?’ Such dependence refers to compulsive use of various drugs with no regard for negative costs even though these can be extreme. Such use is not what that particular drug has been intended for, medically speaking. Those with such addictions are viewed with suspicion and often with hostility. While drug addiction is typically treated as a teenager’s problem, most people ignore the affluent adults who dabble in high-end drugs out of need or for recreation. The public also tends not to associate drug addiction with those actually hooked to legal drugs.

Addiction Symptoms

Symptoms of drug addiction may be very subtle initially. The problem is when addicts don’t fit one’s mental image of what a drug addict would be like. Instead of disdainfully viewing them as street kids or those with poor grades, you may be surprised to know that that straight A, rich, popular teenage girl could be one too. Watching out for typical signs of any sort of addiction might help. Look for a need to be secluded, lies, blatant intoxication (the drug high), stealing and poor performance. Particular drugs cause different symptoms as well as problems. For instance, LSD can create vibrant hallucinations and can create terror in the user’s mind. Causes of drug addiction are varied. It could start out as substance use for fun or for social use, causing craving and eventually dependence since it takes a greater quantity of the same drug to get the same effect as one used to get. Our brain pathways literally get modified as a result. Peer pressure is one of the leading causes, not just in teenagers, of drug dependence. Genetics as well as personality also are factors here.

How to prevent drug addiction might be more important than how to get rid of drug addiction. When it comes to adolescents, communication might be the key to staving off the possibility of addiction. Parents have to be upfront and supportive. This is easier said than done, considering how much teenagers dread having their parents keep tabs on them. It’s important to treat drug addiction both with medical help and with care at home. While rehabilitation centers are vital, steps to take at home include detoxification along with support. Stress coping techniques, including aromatherapy might help. A healthy breakfast will help the person cope as it ensures body chemical balance in terms of things like serotonin and blood sugar. Other symptoms such as subsequent sleep problems may be overcome with morning glory flower essence.