Advice on recovering from meth addiction

It is excellent that you have stayed off meth for 7 months. It takes a lot of strength and determination to do quit an addictive substance, and the fact that you have managed to do so for several months is commendable. The depression that you are experiencing is unfortunately a major part of the withdrawal process as far as methampetamines are concerned. This is due to the very nature of the drug - due to the over stimulation of the pleasure centers in the brain by meth, once the consumption of the drug stops, this stimulation stops and people experience rather strong feelings of depression and lethargy. This is particularly severe because methamphetamine suppresses production of the body's own, natural feel good chemicals, and after consumption has been stopped, the body takes a while to renew its production of these chemicals.

This is however a temporary phase - eventually, your body and mind will return to their normal state, and the depression will pass. In fact, you are probably nearing the end of what is known as "the wall", the depressed phase. This phase usually lasts for around 8 months, although for people who had a major habit; it might take over a year.

If your depression does not lift within a month, you should consider consulting a doctor. Prescription medications are available on that help manage the withdrawal without creating a secondary addition.

answered by G R

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