What can i do about pain and swelling in my feet and hands due to diabetes?

Leg and foot troubles increase in people suffering from diabetes due to alterations in nerves and blood vessels in that region. This condition is called Diabetic neuropathy -wherein the blood vessels get constricted due to fatty deposits. Diabetic neuropathy is extremely painful with tingling, swelling and pain in the legs, toes, arms, hands and fingers.

Below are few tips that could help you with the pain and swelling that you're experiencing in your feet and hands :-

  • Examine your foot daily for infections or wounds, whether painful or not, they needs immediate attention from the doctor
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain daily foot hygiene, with warm water (not hot). Use foot moisturizing lotions to avoid the feet from drying. File thick calluses if any.
  • Invest in special therapeutic shoes to avoid pressure on the feet
  • Maintain a healthy weight. It avoids putting unnecessary pressure on the feet.
  • Swelling of hands and legs might indicate a kidney problem. Consult a doctor to decide if the swelling or edema is related to a kidney infection.

answered by A W

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