what would cause a sore on the outside of the corner of the mouth?

Mouth sores

A sore on the outside corner of the mouth could be a cold sore. It could also be the result of excessively dry skin around your mouth which has caused the skin to split and created a sore. Though there is no home remedy to permanently cure the former category of sores, you can employ a variety of methods that will provide relief. Start by applying ice to the area to numb it before you apply anything else. Aloe vera gel has powerful healing properties. Make a paste of common salt and baking soda to help cure sores. Make a paste of turmeric powder and clarified butter and apply this to your sores to help them heal. Chilled milk cream is a very soothing remedy, since skin on a cold sore is usually excessively dry. This method will also provide lubrication to heal it. Applying Witch Hazel will bring soothing relief and assist in healing sores. Make an infusion of organic apple cider vinegar (one part) diluted with rose water (three parts) and apply this continually to heal sores. Calamine lotion is also a method to cool down the skin under and around the sores. If your sore is due to excessively dry skin, you must work towards moisturizing it as much as you can. Applying olive oil will be a good remedy in this case.

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