How do I heal and prevent cracked mouth sores

Mouth sores can cause real discomfort since these prevent you from talking or eating. Mouth sores are usually caused by your food habits. Sucking on a hard boiled sweet or accidentally biting your inner lip can give some people a sore that often takes up to ten days to heal. However, if you continue to develop sores in your mouth and these sores refuse to heal for a long time, then you should consult your doctor.

Mouth sores are linked to your stomach and the easiest thing that you can do to help yourself is ensure that your stomach is properly cleaned. Drink half a cup of radish juice at night to ensure that your stomach is cleaned out. Drink water and fruit juices throughout the day. Change over to a high fiber diet and completely avoid eating food that is made of white flour. Gargling with salt water usually helps mouth sores heal. You can also gargle with hot water and alternate it with cold water. Extract the milk from one coconut and gargle with this. Boil a cup of water with a few fenugreek seeds in it. Strain and use to gargle. You can also boil a handful of coriander leaves in a cup of water. Strain and use this to gargle.

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