The causative factor is diagnosed to determine the type of treatment. Tingling and burning sensation in the extremities, accompanied by numbness and pain is typical of neuropathy. Mild and initial stages are treated by painkillers available over-the-counter. Certain drugs containing opiates result in constipation, sedation and dependence. Prescription pain killers are given for severe conditions. Lidocaine patch is another treatment technique, which includes the application of a patch containing lidocaine, an anaesthetic. Certain anti seizure medications are also effective in relieving neurological pain. Antidepressants help in coping up with associated depression and nerve pain. Regular exercise helps in reduction of blood sugar levels, thereby helping in pain relief. Any kind of bruise or blister in the feet is taken immediate care of, as carelessness results in ultimate stages of amputation. Always keep your feet covered. Soft padded shoes or cotton socks are equally helpful. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Avoid deep fried foods and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid smoking, as circulation is affected. A good massage helps in reducing pain and enhances circulation. Avoid excessive pressure on your legs and feet.

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