Neuropathy treatment for raging uti and pain

Is there any particular reason why you have assumed that the pain is a symptom of neuropathy? A urinary tract infection, no matter how bad it is, is extremely unlikely to cause any kind of nerve damage. Hydrocodone is used as a pain reliever and also as a cough suppressant. Gabapentin is a pain reliever that is often used in cases of neuropathic pain. Unless you have been prescribed these two drugs by your doctor, either to treat this pain or to treat some other health problem, you should stop using them immediately. Pain relievers should not be used indiscriminately, especially when they contain strong drugs. They should be used only if nothing can be done about the underlying cause of the pain, or to make the patient more comfortable while the underlying cause is being treated. Pain is the body's way of signaling that something is wrong - the correct course of action is to identify the problem and treat it, rather than suppressing your body's danger signal.

In your case, the pain is quite likely to be some complication of the urinary tract infection. kidney stones problem is one possibility, and another is a kidney infection that has recurred, or is a leftover from your urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection is of course a term that includes kidney infections, but it is mostly used to refer to infections of the bladder and urethra. An infection that moves up the urinary tract to the kidneys is already dangerous, and if you continue to experience pain weeks (or even months later), you should consult your doctor immediately. Please ensure that you follow the prescribed treatment accurately, until your doctor tells you that you can stop. You have not mentioned what treatment was used the last time, and whether you took the entire course of treatment. Often infections persist or recur because patients stop a course of antibiotics as soon as they feel better, without consulting their doctor. Antibiotics may sometimes have unpleasant side effects, but for serious infections, they are the only option, and they must be taken until all the bacteria are completely destroyed.

Right now the only real home remedy that we can advise you to use is drinking plenty of water. Please note however that this and other UTI remedies are not sufficient to treat an infection that has reached the kidneys. A final warning regarding the painkillers you are taking - painkillers, and gabapentin in particular, can put a dangerous strain on your kidneys when they are already infected or compromised in some way.

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