The tips of my hands & feet are darker than the rest of my body. Also I want to lighten my face color. Please can you suggest some natural remedies?

If your skin has uneven tone, like you have described here, there is plenty of help at hand in the house. You can dip the tips of your hands and feet in cotton balls soaked with cucumber juice. Leave this for about 30 minutes thrice a day. This should help lighten the skin considerably. You can also exfoliate your skin regularly with a scrub made of dried and powdered orange peels mixed in milk cream. For dry skin, use plenty of milk and milk cream. Try to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. You can apply lime juice to the darkened tips and leave on for about five minutes each day. Wash it off quickly, though, because it has a tendency to dry your skin further. Aloe vera is also effective in lightening skin colour and replenishing moisture to your skin. You can also make a paste with whole oatmeal and milk cream and apply that on your finger and toe tips about once a week, more if you can manage it. Let dry and then rub it off. Honey mixed with equal parts of sandalwood powder will also help greatly in lightening the colour of your skin and replenishing moisture. You can also apply potato juice and leave it on till it dries, then wash off with water.

answered by G M

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